King Kong 1933

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  • King Kong 1933
    • America at the time.
      • Blacks were depicted of being happy, cheery, dancers. Entertainment for the white audience.
      • 35 years before civil rights.
      • Big film released within a depression.
      • 2 years earlier Empire State Buildling was built. Tallest building in the world.
      • Scotts boro boys. Blacks ****** Whites
      • Great Wall Street crash
    • In the film
      • Sexist towards women. Ann Darrow is seen as a nuisance.
        • Caught stealing as her introduction to the narrative.
      • Beauty and the Beast
      • All natives are black
      • Black and White binary
      • King grows n size with white mans fear - Roger Ebert.
      • Kong is a semiotic representation of a white mans perception.


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