King Henry IV Act 1 Scene 3 notes cont.

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  • King Henry IV Act 1 Scene 3 notes cont.
    • Hotspur and Northumberland left on stage. Shakespeare shows risky aspects of Hotspur's honour code - will not send prisoners
    • Worcester provides Hotspur with a justification for rebellion 'was not he (Mortimer) proclaimed/By Richard, that dead is, next of blood?'
      • Worcester and Northumberland - political maneuvering. Using Hotspur's passion, anger and honour code, they convey their pragmatic justification for rebellion against Henry
        • The motifs and themes of time, redemption and repayment of debt are merged ...'with the bloody payment of your deaths'.  Bolingbroke would answer his debts with the deaths of others
    • Scene ends with Worcester's plan of rebellion - Northumberland will 'secretly into the bosom creep' of Scrope who 'bears hard' his brothers death executed by Bolingbroke


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