King Georges War 1744

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  • King Georges War 1744-48
    • In 1744, The European War of the Austrian Succession spread to North America where is was called King Georges War.Soldiers from North America and France fought again soldiers from Britain, British America and native Americans fighting on both sides
    • It was a conflict of possessions of parts of New France (French Canada). Both sides wanted to
      • take land
      • control river access to landlocked parts of North America
    • Relations with Native Americans
      • Both sides wanted help from Native Americans who could provide up to 14000 experienced warriors who knew the territory very well.
      • More Native Americans originally supported the French
      • The British failed to get support from Iroquois League until 1747
      • In July 1748, the Iroquois agreed to invade French Canada, But British agreed to make peace with France before this
    • Louisburg
      • French tried to seize Louis-burg.They attacked a British village called Canso in Nova Scotia.
        • In June 1745, French surrendered Louisburg after a hard fought colonists with the support of Royal Naval ships
          • French tried to regain it again and attacking it with several fleets sent by French King but colonists held onto it until peace treaty.
    • Consequences of War
      • Very little was achieved as no one attained territory or won control of river
      • Many New England colonists were killed about 8 per cent in Massachusetts.
      • Many New England colonists were disappointed that  they were not consulted over the peace treaty and Louisburg was returned to the French. They were also disappointed that they had not won access to fur trade or land in Ohio Country
        • The British went back on a promise of 1746 and sent more troops and financed an attack on Canada. Many colonists felt betrayed and abandoned
          • The Treaty of Aix-la Chapelle
            • Set peace terms and ended war in Europe and North America
            • Louisburg returned to the French. All territory restored back to 1744 status
      • After the war 1748-53
        • The situation remained tense and grew worse by actions of British colonists
        • Land grants were given out to encourage settlements in Ohio Country
        • In 1749 a fur trading post was started in Pickawillany in direct competition with French
        • A fort was started in Halifax to counter fort in Louisburg
          • The french in response built new forts in Ohio Country and attacked pickawillany.
            • In 1753, the Iroquois ended alliance with the British.


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