King Georges War

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  • King George-s War 1744-48
    • Key Features
      • France and Britain fought to control land, river access and Ohio County fur trade
      • Both sides wanted help from Natives but most supported the French
      • Britain seized control of Louisburg, which was only territory gained
      • Treaty of Aix- La Chapelle restored territory back to 1744 status
    • Causes of
      • European War of Austrian sucession
      • France and Britain expanding their colonies
    • Consequence of
      • Colonists angry Louisburg returned and no access to Ohio Country
      • British went back on 1746 promise to attack Canada
      • Britain and France battled to build forts
      • French and Indian War
    • Importance
      • Tensions rising between British and colonists
      • Colonists frustrated and began to call for independence


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