Kinetic and Potential Energy Stores P1.4 & 5

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  • Kinetic and Potential energy stores P1.4 & 5
    • Gravitational Potential Energy
      • Energy is transferred to the Gravitational Potential Energy (G.P.E) Store because it requires work to raise an object
      • The G.P.E store depends on the objects mass, height and gravitational field strength. The higher the object is lifted, the more energy is transferred to the store.
      • The formula is G.P.E (J) = mgh - mass (kg) x gravitational field strength (N/kg) x height (m)
      • Energy lost from G.P.E store = Energy gained in the kinetic energy store
    • Kinetic Energy
      • Anything moving has a kinetic energy store. Energy is transferred to this store when the object speeds up and away when the object slows down.
      • Kinetic Energy Store depends on the objects mass and speed. The greater the mass and the faster it's going the more kinetic energy
      • The formula is KE(J) = 1/2mv² - 1/2 x mass(kg) x speed² (m/s)
    • Elastic Potential Energy
      • Stretching or squashing an object can transfer energy
      • The formula for E.P.E = 1/2ke² = 1/2 x spring constant (N/m) x extension² (m)


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