Killing Pest Species

Page 28 of the CGP A2-Level Biology Revision Guide. 

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  • Killing Pest Species
    • Chemical Pesticides
      • Fungisides
        • Kill fungal infections that damage agricultural crops.
      • Issues for the Environment
        • They may directly affect non-pest species eg. Butterflies
        • They may indirectly affect other non-pest species eg. poisoning primary consumers
    • Biological Agents
      • Natural Predators
        • Introducing natural predators to kill pest species eg. Ladybirds eat greenfly
      • Parasites
        • They live in or lay their eggs in the pest species.
          • To either kill the insect or reduce its ability to function
      • Pathogenic Bacteria or Viruses
        • Used to kill the pests
      • Issues for the Environment
        • Natural predators may become pest species themselves
        • Biological agents can affect non-pest species
      • Economic Issues
        • Biological agents are less cost-effective than chemical pesticides
    • Integrated Systems
      • Using the combined effect of both Chemical Pesticides and Biological Agents.


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