killer queen

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  • killer Queen
    • background
      • glam
        • genre of rock known for over-the-top glamorous dress sense
        • state of the art stage effects
      • first of queens songs to become 'mainstream'
      • known for their range of musical styles
    • queens sound
      • unusual keys
      • adventurous structures
      • multitrack guitar parts and vocals
      • anthemic melodies
      • theatre blended with rock
    • instrumentation
      • large vocal range by freddie mercury
      • Jangle piano = tinny effect
      • embraced studio technology eg contry man phase shifter
      • techniqes used
        • overdubbing= adding additional sound tracks to a existing recording
        • Flanger= create a swirling and swooshing sound
        • portamento= continuous glide in pitch between two notes "queen"
        • Reverb= eco effect
        • distoriton= effect that can mae an electric guitar sound more gritty
        • wah-wah= peak of filter is swept up and down the frequency range
    • structure: verse 1 chorus 1 instrumental verse 2 chorus 2 guitar solo  verse 3 chorus 3 outro
    • meody
      • unusual phrase length
      • melody moves conjunct and then progressively develops Jumps
      • each verse begins with anacrusis (upbeat)
      • word painting
        • syllabic
        • flanger on "laser beam" creates unworldly sound
        • climatic top note and busy drum part for "absolutely drive you wild"
        • portamento emphasis sarcasm of queen
    • rhythm
      • syncopation
      • compound quadruple metre
      • swung quavers
      • fast tempo
    • tonality
      • song in Eflat major(rock songs rarely written in flat keys)
      • tonally ambiguous at start
      • ends on perfect cadence
    • Texture= homophonic
      • gradual increase in density from light textured start
      • brief contrapuntal fragments eg 62
    • harmony
      • use of pedels
      • parallel harmonies = gospel harmonies
      • bell chords
      • circle of 5ths
      • dissonance
      • chromaticism
      • inspired by musicals


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