Kildare Water Case Study

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  • Kielder Water
    • Where is it?
      • Located  on the ScottishBorder Northumberland
        • Kielder water is over 10Km long
    • When was it made?
      • Planned in  late 1960's. Built in 1975. Opened in 1982
    • Why was it made?
      • To demand water for industries, reduce floods, small HEP station
    • How many visitors per year?
      • 300, 000
    • Why was it built in northumberland?
      • Flat bottomed valley, steep sides, impermeable volcanic rock
        • Annual rainfall is 1370mm
    • What does it create?
      • Jobs in tourism
      • Water sports
      • Horse riding
      • Forest walks, cycling and camping
    • Over half million trees were cut down


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