Kidney Failure

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  • Dialysis
  • Transplants
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  • Kidney Failure
    • Dialysis
      • Has to be done regularly
        • 3 or 4 times a week
          • each session is about 3 or 4 hours long
      • Machine used to filter the blood
        • Used for kidney failure
      • keeps the concentrations of dissolved substances in the blood at normal levels.
        • removes waste substances
      • How it works:
        • a patients blood travels alongside a partially permeable barrier surrounded by dialysis fluid
          • The dialysis fluid has the same concentration of ions and glucose as healthy blood
            • This means that useful dissolved ions and glucose won't be lost from the blood during diaylisis
              • Only waste substances and excess ions and water diffuse across the barrier
      • Can cause blood clots or infection
    • Transplant organs
      • Can be rejected by the body
        • The immune system
          • Foreign antigens
            • Attacked by patients antibodies
      • Tissue types have to match
        • Based on antigens
      • Patients are treated with drugs that weaken their immune systems


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