Kidney processes 2

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  • Kidney processes 2
    • The DCT
      • 1: the first part acts like the loop of Henle
      • 2: the second part acts like the collecting duct
      • 3: K+ ions are transported here for excretion
      • Na+ ions are actively transported out
    • The Collecting duct
      • 1: if water potential is too low there is not enough fluid in the blood
      • 2: water therefore moves out of the osmoreceptor in the hypothalamus
      • 3: more ADH is released from the posterior pituitary
      • 4: ADH attaches to receptors in the wall of the collecting duct
      • 5: vesicles containing aquaporin fuse with cell surface membrane creating water channels
      • 6: more water is reabsorbed by osmosis down the water potential gradient
      • 7: there is a potential gradient as there is high conc of transport ions into the tissue fluid
      • 8: the water potential of the blood should start to increase to normal level
      • 9: a small amount of concentrated urine will be produced


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