Khrushev's reforms

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  • Krushchev's Reforms
    • De-Stalinisation
      • To party on the rroad to communism- By Marxism-Leninism
      • Lenin's testemant was finaly published in Pravda which also editorialised the 'secret sppech'
      • Khrushchev attacked the privileges.
    • Socialism with a human face
      • Relaxation of Gulags - millions freed nut could not settle in major cities
      • Khrushchev's slums- poor in quality and design but eased housing crisis
      • Relaxation of cencorship
      • KGB under control of the party
      • Improved wadges for workers
      • improved consumer goods availability
      • Better standard of living
      • decentralisati-on of party
    • Agricultural Reforms
      • Decentralisartion of Agriculture
        • creation of more Sovkhozes (states farms)
        • Merged with Kolkhozes (collective farms)
        • Huge improvement in living standards of rural workers
        • Extensive use of Komsomol (communist Youth league)
      • Virgin Land Scheme
        • Initial success then failure- by 1964 USSR had to import grain from USA
        • Maize on massive scale- cattle would benefit-stimulate meat/dairy industries
      • Decentralisation Of Industry
        • replacement of Gosplan with Sovanarkhozy


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