Khrushchev Power Struggle 1953-1956

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  • Khrushchev Power Struggle 1953-1956
    • Nikita Khrushchev
      • Advantages
        • Perceived Personally. I.e. down-to-earth, take on challenges, 'natural wit', resourceful.
        • Good at Political fighting
        • Power Base; followers (local Party bosses) in Central Committee
        • Party Leader: Party had increased role after Stalin's Death
        • Colleagues (molotov) reported Khrushchev listened to others and respected their views
        • Put the people at ease, prepared to meet them in outlying provinces
        • Record of success in several key positions
        • Lucky: survived difficult situations during Stalin's rule
      • Disadvantages
        • Seen as crude, impulsive and unsophisticated by colleagues
        • Prone to overreach himself, and think himself an expert on everything
        • Failures: despite rep as Agr' expert, his reforms were defeated in the early 1950's
        • Closely associated old Stalinist regimes: implicated in Purges
        • Not good at Strategic thinking and seeing the bigger picture
    • Georgi Malenkov
      • Advantages
        • Steadier and less concerned with limelight than the 'more impetuous' Khrushchev
        • Ally of powerful Beria
        • Appealed to intellectual wing of the Party
        • Prepared to gain popularity by promising reforms to raise the standard of living and improve Agr'
      • Disadvantages
        • Hated by important colleagues such as Molotov and Kaganovich
        • Regarded as 'colourless'
        • Critical Errors of Judgement; paying more attention to the state of bureaucracy than the Party, giving up the post as the head of the Party, so opening the way for Khrushchev
    • Nicolai Bulganin
      • Advantages
        • Prominent in the Party, with a record of service in key positions
      • Disadcantages
        • Had powerful enemies, such as Malenkov
        • Lacked political skills and drive to outflank rivals
        • Too naive and indecisive, and lacked leadership qualities, compared to rivals
    • Lavrenti Beria
      • Advantages
        • Strong power base through position in security services
        • Knowledge on everyone in the Party hierarchy
        • Utterly ruthless and cunning
      • Disadvantages
        • His power and ruthlessness made him feared and hated: created fear and insecurity, colleagues united against him and liquidate him after Stalin's death
        • Prone to underestimate colleagues and to humiliate them publicly
  • Politcal
  • Ecomical
  • Military
  • Personality
  • Social


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