Khrushchev - extent of economic and social change

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  • Khrushchev - economy
    • Virgin Lands Scheme 1954
      • Crops were often grown in unsuitable soil, maize mania Kazakhstan, good cotton out
      • Kazakhstan & Siberia climate  ignored
      • 1963, bad weather, under-fertilised soil
    • Closure of MTS
      • Incomes of far workers 1952-58 up by 2x, >NEP
        • Turned into repair shops, disbanded from 1953
    • Increasing peasant incentives
      • K paid higher prices for grain
      • Less taxes on framing profits
      • Incomes up
      • Moscow experts helped at  local level
    • 7 year plan
      • 6th FYP after Stalin scrapped for being too optimistic, now 7 years
      • Had to prioritise political issues like ending of Gulags. NKVD under party & state
    • Bereaucratic measures
      • Not 7 year plan. Less bureaucracy, incentives not coercion
      • Decentralised economic planning by e.g. not requiring farms without animals to supply meat
        • Govt/admin roles were owed to Stalin, did not like reforms undermining positions


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