Business Keywords

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  • Keywords
    • Administration
      • The process of running a business
    • Agenda
      • A list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting
    • Bonus
      • A sum of money added to a person's wage as a reward for good performance.
    • Business Ethics
      • It's doing the right thing for the business- fair trade
    • Business Functions
      • A process that is performed routinely to carry out a mission
    • Carbon Neutral
      • Not releasing any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
    • Cellular Office
      • A plan that each individual office is separated from the others.
    • Commission
      • Instruction given to a person or group.
    • Competition
      • An activity to win something.
    • Contract of Employment
      • An agreement between an employer and employee which is legally binding.
    • Salary Deductions
      • Takes money off someone's salary- puts it toward insurance
    • Data protection
      • Legall control of accessing data
    • Desktop Publisher
      • Creating documents using paper layout skills
    • Disciplinary Procedure
      • Dealing with staff who have done something bad
    • Databse
      • Data stored in an orderly place on a computer


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