Keys and classification

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  • Keys and classification
    • Chordates- Animals with a backbone :Mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians birds.MR FAB
      • Mammals- - Live Young, Feed young on milk, have fur or hair, mostly on land or water
      • Reptiles- Scales, eggs on land, live in water and land, cold blooded
      • Fish- Scales, live in sea or fresh water, cold blooded, have fins, They have gills
      • Amphibians  External Fertilisation, Moist skin, Cold Blooded
      • Birds- Have feahers, warm blooded, live mostly on land, have wings, internal fertilisation, They have beaks
    • Insects- Animals with an exoskeleton and a body divided into three sections (Head Thorax and abdomen) two pairs of wings and their body temperature is not constant
    • Annelids- Animals with a segmented body, and a hairlike structure called chaetae for grip, body temperature not constant
    • Flowering Plants- Plants with true roots, stems and a highly developed transport (Vascular) system. Rely on flower, seed and fruit production to facilitate


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