Topic 2 Skill Aquisitian- Key words

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  • Key Words - Topic 2
    • Proprioception
      • The sense allowing us to know what position the body is in, what the muscels and jonts are doing, and to feel things involved with out performance.
    • Perception
      • process involving interception of information
    • motor programme
      • Movemtns stored in the LTM. Specific movements that the skill contains, in order, retrieved by one decision.
    • Feedback
      • Information recieved by the performer during the movement and the result of it.
    • Chunking
      • Different pecies of information remembered as one.
    • Reaction Time
      • Time between onset of the stimulis, to the time where skill is responded to it.
    • movement Time
      • Time it takes from staring the movement till completing it.
    • Response time
      • Time from the onset of stimulis till the completion of movement.
    • Hicks Law
      • Choice reaction time increases linerally as the number opf stimulis alternatives increase


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