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  • Hinduism
      • ATMAN
        • Divine spark, part of Brahman in everyone
      • SAMSARA
        • Cycle of birth and rebirth
      • MOKSHA
        • Release from SAMSARA and become a drop of water rejoining the ocean
      • KARMA
        • The impersonal law of action and reaction
      • NAMASTE
        • Respectful greeting. 'the immortal in e salutes the immortal in you'
      • CASTE
        • Social order in India
      • DHARMA
        • Doing your duty
      • SHIVA
        • destroyer
      • BRAHMA
        • creator
          • All different forms of the god BRAHMAN
            • destroyer
      • VISHNU
        • preserver
          • All different forms of the god BRAHMAN
        • Reality is an illusion. Everything made up of atoms ---> 99% empty space
        • All things are one --> at level of quantum physics everything is connected
        • Nothing is created or destroyed, it just changes. E.g. burn a desk, it CHANGES into ash and gas


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