Computer systems

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  • Computing Software
    • System software
      • operating system - a large collection of programs that tells the hardware what to do
      • Multi-tasking - ensures that the processes get attended to by the CPU in the most efficient way
      • Security - operating systems must protect processes from each other. they must also protect users from each other
      • Interfaces: operating systems need to provide a way of communicating w them. this means making it possible for the user to issue commands & allowing applications to acces their functionality
      • Peripheral Management - computer systems have peripherals in order to input, output & store data. the peripherals need to be told how to communicate w the rest of the computer system
    • Utility Software
      • security utilities
        • spyware: malicious software that detects what a user is doing & sends the details back to the originator
        • Firewalls: software and/or hardware that limits access to & from a computer system
    • Maintenance utilities
      • Disk organisation: the process of arranging files & data bytes on a secondary storage device
      • Defragmenter: a utility that brings together file fragments on a disk & collects all the free space in one area


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