Key players in the development gap

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  • Key players in the development gap
    • International organisations
      • International Monetary fund
      • Aim to prevent the disruption of international financial system so countries can renegotiate through the IMF the terms of debt and impose conditions called 'stabilisation programs' which often hinder the development
    • The world bank
      • Provides investment for economic and social projects to improve standards. Conditions attached to the loans hinder development and promote dependency and increased poverty.
    • World trade organisation
      • Can promote trade between developed and developing nations. Can encourage trade dependency and create barriers to free and fair trade agreements
    • International Commercial
      • TNCs e.g NIKE
      • Provide employment and investment in a country/region. May exploit workers to maximise cheap labor and stay competitive. Leakage of funds back to parents company
    • National Political
      • Government
      • Regulate the economy to make the most of market opportunities and attract inward investment. Provide physical infrastructure e.g. roads and public service e.g. education. Decisions can be affected by politics and existing alliances
    • NGOs
      • Unicef, Oxfam
      • Non-biased help to development projects or relief programmes. Bottom- up approach takes account of local peoples needs. Rely o funding that may not be available


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