Geography Sheffield Steel case study

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  • Key Geographical Themes - Economical Development MEDC: Sheffield Steel
    • Why Sheffield?
      • Near river Don
        • Power water wheels for early cutlery and transport to Empire
      • Gritstone
        • Grind metals to produce blades.
      • Limestone
        • Produces **** and strong metals
      • Natural Resources underneath us
        • Black Band Ore = alternating coal and iron ore layers
      • Sherwood Forest
        • Wood to charcoal fuelled early industry
      • Labour Skills
        • Experienced steel workers, invented stainless steel
      • Valley
        • Large flat valley area made good place for steelworks
    • Why did steelworks close?
      • Wages in UK increase, UK manufacturing declines, UK demand falls
        • Untitled
      • Local iron and coal reserves ran out, foreign iron ore was imported
        • Steel production in Sheffield becomes expensive, cheap foreign imports of steel, old buildings difficult to modernise
          • Sheffield becomes run down, dirty and ugly so the firms move out
    • How is Sheffield still involved in Steel?
      • AMRC
        • Part of Sheffield University
        • Receives government  support
        • Boeing and Rolls Royce
      • Still NO1 for creating steel due to skills and expertise
      • Future of steel = AMRC which is a 15million collaboration between Boeing and Sheff Uni
        • Developing new manufacturing techniques and technologies


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