Development of the modern T+T Industry

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  • Key Factors which have led to growth and development of the T+T Industry
    • Changing socio-economic factors
      • Increase in car ownership
        • Reasons why there is a rise
          • Increased Income
          • Cars are more affordable
        • Benefits
          • faster speed of travel
          • don't have to rely on timetables
        • Effects
          • Environment Problems
      • Increase in leisure time
        • Reasons why
          • Paid holiday entitlement
          • Early Retirement
          • Flexitime for employees
      • Increase in Disposable income
      • Increase in National Economy
    • External Factors
      • Legisation
      • War, terrorism and Crime
      • Fluctuations in currency
      • Climate change and natural diasters
      • Role of local authorities and the government
      • External Factors are things happening outside of the industry. these are beyond control of the industry
    • Development in technology
      • Transport Technology
        • Ferry Services
      • Booking Systems
        • Global Distribution  Systems
        • Computer reservation systems
    • Changing consumer needs and expectations
      • Better quality at lower prices
      • Flexibility
      • Environmentally Friendly
    • Product Development and Innovation
      • Ski Hoildays, All inclusive, Package Hoilidays


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