Ireland Key Events

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  • Key Events
    • Disestablishment Act 1869
      • All of the Politicians(120 Liberal MPs) wanted Religious freedom for the Irish
      • So They did not have to pay the tithe.
        • Gladstone thought that having to pay the tithe was unjust.
          • Assets were taken away and £10 million was given in compensation.
      • All of the churches in Ireland were made independent from the state
        • No church received state aid.
    • The Coercion Act 1881
      • As support for Fenians grew so did violence against Land Lords
      • Gladstone wanted to work with Ireland but did not tolerate violence and so brought in the Coercion act.
      • This temporarily suspended the Habeas Corpus
        • This meant that people suspected of committing an offence could be detained without trial.
      • It did not stop the disorder in Ireland
    • The Kilmainham Treaty 1882
      • Once the treaty had been written for Parnell's release he agreed to use his influence on the militants to accept and support the Land Act
      • He also agreed to cooperate with the Liberal party
      • Parnell was arrested for denouncing Gladstone and arrested for wrecking the Land Act
    • Phoenix Park Murders
      • Assassination of Lord Fredrick Cavendish
      • 6th May 1882
      • Thomas Burke
      • Stabbed by members of the Invincibles which was a terrorist group.


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