Key dates and beliefs

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  • Key dates and beliefs
    • Abortion
      • 1967 - Abortion made legal in the UK
      • Roman Catholic - Believe abortion is morally wrong as they believe it is murder. 'Thou shall not kill' (10 commandments)
      • Christian church - Believe it is ok in exceptional circumstances (**** or if it will effect the health of the mother)
    • Contraception
      • Some Christians are for contraception: - It stops pregnancy and prevents STI's
      • Some Christians are against contraception: - 'Sex should only be between a man and women who are married to have children'
    • Euthanasia
      • Roman catholic - Believe that Euthanasia is murder. Only God is allowed to end lives.
    • Civil partnerships
      • 2004 - Civil partnerships made legal in the UK
        • Some Christians are against civil partnership: - 'Marriage should only be between a man and women'


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