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  • key trends
    • marriage
      • it has been declining since the early 1970's due to cohabitation being more socially acceptable because it is an alternative to marriage (Allan and crow)
      • the age of marriage has increased due to women's priorities changing to focus more on education and their careers (Sharpe)
      • there has been an increase in the number of remarriages due to an increase in divorce (Giddens)
    • divorce
      • there has been an overall increase in divorce since the 1960's due to the change in attitudes towards cereal monogamy. (Giddens)
      • there has been an increase in divorce since 1993 due to cohabitation being seen as trial marriage which makes marriages more successful (Allan and Crow)
    • cohabitation
      • it has increased over the past 30 years because it is now more socially acceptable. (Allan and Crow)
      • the age for cohabitation has increased because women's priorities have changed so they are using it as a trial marriage instead. (Sharpe)


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