Key topic 3: Controlling and influencing attitudes 

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  • Goebbels and propaganda
    • Censorship
      • No book could be published without Goebbels' permission
      • Newspapers that opposed Nazi views were closed down and editors were given rules on what they could print
      • The radio was controlled
    • Key topic 3: Controlling and influencing attitudes
      • Nazi Control of the arts
        • Music
          • Hitler hated modern music
            • Jazz, which was seen as 'black' music was seen as racially inferior and was banned
              • Instead, the Nazis promoted traditional folk music and classical music
        • Films
          • The Nazis controlled the cinema
            • All films were accompanied with a 45- minute official newsreel
              • This newsreel glorified Hitler and Germany
        • Art
          • Hitler hated modern art
            • such art was called 'degenerate' and banned
          • Art highlighting Germany's past greatness and the strength of the Third Reich was encouraged
        • Theatre
          • Theatre concentrated on German history and political drama
            • Cheap tickets were available to encourage people to see plays wwhich often had a Nazi, political or racial theme
        • Architecture
          • Hitler encouraged the 'monumental' style for public buildings.
            • These large stone buildings were often copied from ancient Greece or Rome
              • They showed the power of the Third Reich
          • Hitler admired Greek and Roman architecture because the Jews had not 'contaminated' it
        • Literature
          • All books and plays were controlled to put across the Nazi message
          • May 1933- Students in Berlin burnt 20,000 books written by Jews, communists and anti-Nazi university professors.
    • Propaganda
      • Posters were used to spread the Nazi message
      • Goebbels ordered the mass production of cheap radios to spread the Nazi message
      • Mass rallies and marches projected the Nazi image of power and terror
      • success in sport was needed to promote Nazi image
    • The Berlin Olympics 1936
      • The Olympics were designed to impress the outside world
      • All anti-Jew signs were removed from Berlin
      • Hilter's plans to show the superiority of the Aryan race were ruined by the success of Jesse Owens


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