Key threats-Henry VII

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    • Viscount Lovell and the Staffords 1486
      • First rising against Henry
      • Led by Francis viscount lovell who was a key supporter of Richard III and Humphrey Strafford.
      • Lovell tried to raise a rebellion in Richard III heartland of support in North Riding of Yorkshire
      • Strafford also tried to raise forces against Henry in midlands
      • Lovell escaped but Stafford was captured and executed, younger brother pardoned, easily suppressed
      • Later rebellions promoted by Margaret of Burgundy,would prove more problematic
    • Lambert Simnel and the rebellion of the Earl of Lincoln
      • Following Lovell rebellion neede different strategy
      • Simnel pretended to be Earl of Warwick, Henry was forced to show the real Earl of warwick in London
        • Earl of Lincoln who put all this together fled from Henry's court,joined failed plotter Lovell at court of Margaret of Burgundy
    • Battle of Stoke field 1487
      • Henry gathered a group of advisors(some victims of Richard III)
      • Two armies met at East stoke, feared he might be double crossed like Richard III
      • Army led by Earl of Oxford(Earl of Lincoln killed)
      • Henry's victory was very significant as this battle rather than Bosworth brought to an end the Roses. Henrys position became much safer
    • Perkin Warbeck imposture 1491
      • Over 8 years claimed to be Richard, Duke of York.He started in 1491 until he was executed in 1499 after escaping Tower of London
    • The Earl of Warwick
      • He was the nephew of Edward IV and Richard III. Had the strongest Yorkist claim to the throne and big threat to Henry's rule
      • He was placed in Tower of London, kept hidden away
    • Edmund de la pole, Earl of Suffolk and Richard de la pole 'The White Rose'
      • Both younger brothers of Earl of Lincoln, Suffolk fled to Flanders in 1498,came back in 1501 but fled again to the court of Emperor Maximilian
        • Along as Margaret was politically opposed to Henry VII Suffolk was safe
          • Treaty of Windsor 1506-more friendly relations were restored -Maximilian agreed to give up Suffolk. Henry VII did not act kept him in Tower of London, Henry VIII acted and executed him in 1513
    • Henry Percy,the Earl of Northumberland
      • He had supported Richard III but did not fight for him at the Battle of Bosworth.He was arrested by Henry once he became king.
      • Henry VII releases him,and gives him control of Northern England.Does what he is told and dies 4 years later as hes killed by a mob
    • John de la pole, the Earl of Lincoln
      • Was the nephew of Edward IV and Richard III(mother was their sister).He was Yorkist but pledged his allegiance to Henry VII
      • Henry VII accepted his allegiance however in 1487 rebelled against him
    • The Duke of Suffolk(John de la pole's father)
      • Duke did not fight for Richard III at Bosworth.Like his son he pledged his support for Henry VII(son rebelled in 1487)
      • Took his lands away from him when he dies-he did nothing wrong,but his heirs did and they should be punished.


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