key terms for mass media

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  • Key terms for mass media
    • pluralism - theories about the mass media that see variety and competition as healthy signs of a working democracy
    • marxist - someone who believes in the idea of karl marx and sees the main divisions in society as being based on social class
    • elite - a small dominate group that may own and control the mass media
    • world view - a general view of the way society works
    • neoliberalism-a political approach based on the belief that the government should limit their activity to maintaining 'law and order'
    • Tabloid - popular newspapers generally published in a smaller format that the so called 'quality press'
    • propaganda - the selection and control of information usually for political ends.
    • censorship - preventing certain information from becoming publicly known
    • gatekeeper -one who has editorial control over media content
    • spin - managing the message to influence the way in which events are reported
    • digitalisation - radio and TV can now be broadcasted through digital signal, making  it better quality then ever before
    • interactivity - views and readers can now take part and control certain aspects of the media
    • Convergence - all aspects of mass media are all on one device e.g phone


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