Crime Key Terms

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  • Key Terms Crime
    • Social Construct : Something that is defined by society  and changes according to time and place
    • Subculture : A group in a society who share common values and similar behavior patterns
    • Delinquent behavior : Antisocial and criminal behavior committed by children and teenagers
    • Status Frustration : the anger and resentment felt when individuals have their aspirations blocked
    • Concentric Zones: A series of circles within one circle ; each represent one zone of the city
    • Labeling: The possess by which agents of social control such as the police and courts attach negative stereotypes to less powerful groups
    • Cultural Capital: Middle class children are economically and culturally better off and fit in better with society
    • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: When a label is accepted and becomes fulfilled
    • Deviancy amplification: when the media or police cause more crime to be detected or committed


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