Key Terms 2 Beliefs

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  • Key Terms Beliefs
    • Paradigm : a mode of viewing the world which underlies the theories and methodology of science in a particular period of history
    • New Age : a  broad movement in Western culture that emphasizes the individual's responsibility for their own spiritual development
    • Collective Conscience : a set of values and moral attitudes shared by everyone in a society
    • Totemism : the worship of an object or animal that has a divine significance
    • Anomie: a state of normlessness
    • Civil religion : a secular religion that unites people in multi faith societies by instilling a spiritual patriotism
    • Social Control : keeping the population in line
    • Ideological apparatus: a mechanism for promoting the views and interested of the ruling class
    • False consciousness the illusion instilled int the working class that the capitalist system is fair for everyone in society
    • Hegemony : thee ideological control that the ruling-class elite have over the masses
    • Patriarchal  Ideology: the universal system of male dominated over women
    • Ethnocentric: seeing your own culture as superior to others and using it to judge different norms and values unfavorably
    • Theodicy of privilege or non privilege: a religious explanation of social inequality
    • Caste System : a class structure based on Hinduism, where a person's status is fixed at birth according to the family's social position. Social position and demotion is through reincarnation, depending on the persons behavior in this life


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