Roles in Health care

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  • Key Roles in Healthcare
    • Doctors (GP's)
      • Diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent illness
      • Provide prescriptions for needed treatment
      • Arrange preventative care (immunisation is an example)
      • Refer patients to other healthcare professionals
        • EG: Specialist doctors and therapists
      • Provide Medical care. mainly in surgeries
    • Nurses
      • Monitor and care for the daily needs of patients
      • Support doctors with giving treatment and prescribing drugs
      • Work to restore health and well being
      • Carry out medical duties
        • Hospitals, surgeries, clinics and homes
        • Specialisms
          • Hospital critical care nursing, cardiac nursing, oncology nursing
    • Midwives
      • Monitor the prenatal; development and the health of both the mother and the baby
      • Help deliver babies
      • Provide postnatal care.
        • Supporting mothers and the families
        • As well as the babies after birth
      • Work in Hospital maternity units, clinics and homes
    • Healthcare assistants
      • Work Under guidence of qualified professionals
        • EG: doctors and nurses
      • Meet care needs
        • Toileting
        • Washing
        • Making beds
        • Feeding
        • Mobility
      • Monitor health
        • Taking temperature
        • Measuring pulse and respiration rate
        • Monitoring weight
      • tried to help with daily personal care.
        • support wellbeing
        • Work in hospitals, clinics, residential care and homes
    • Occupational Therapists
      • Identify issues people have with everyday life
        • Such as dressing, shopping and working
      • Help these people work out practical solutions
      • Facilitate recovery and overcome practical barriers
      • Work in hospitals, clinics, residential care and homes


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