Act 2 Quotes - AIC

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  • Key Quotes from Act 2
    • "she's obviously had about as much as she can stand" GC
    • "girls of that class-" MRSB
    • "Sheila!" MRSB
    • "now look here Inspector-" MB
    • "you see?" SB
    • "no I don't" MRSB
    • "no, he's giving us the rope - so that we'll hang ourselves" SB
    • "it would be much better if Sheila didn't listen to this story at all" MRSB
    • "and probably between us we killed her" SB
    • "she'd lost both parents" GC
    • "to keep her" IG
    • "a young unmarried girl" MB
    • "that was nice for you" SB
    • "no, I wasn't telling you complete lie" GC


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