Act 1 - Key Quotes AIC

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  • Key Quotes from Act 1
    • "lower costs and higher prices" MB
    • "I insist upon being one of the family now" GC
    • "the German's don't want war" MB
    • "unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable" MB
    • "we hardheaded practical business men" MB
    • "its my duty" IG
    • "you couldn't have done anything else" GC
    • "nothing to do with you Sheila, run along" MB
    • "I've never known an Eva Smith" GC
    • (agitated) "when was this" SB
    • "and a nasty mess you've made of it now" MB
    • "nasty mess somebody's made of it" IG
    • "we're respectable citizens and not criminals" GC
    • "no not really. it was my own fault" SB
    • "yes, but you can't. it's too late. she's dead" IG
    • "is it the one you wanted me to have" SB


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