Key processes

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  • Key Processes
    • Developing Skills and Techniques
      • Fundamental motor skills
        • Hitting
        • Throwing
        • Kicking
        • Running
        • Jumping
        • Catching
      • Improving the range difficulty and quality of skills and techniques and also developing the consistency and precision of skill
    • Decision Making
      • Performer
        • who to pass the ball to
      • Offical
        • What penalty to award for a foul
      • Coach
        • What performer should play where?
      • Etiquette
        • The unwritten rules of the game
    • Physical and Mental Capacity
      • Componants of health related fitness
        • Speed
          • The ability of the body to move quickly
        • Cardiovascular endurance
          • The fitness of the heart, blood and blood vessels and the ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of time
        • Muscular endurance
          • The ability of a muscle or a muscle group to repeatedly contract or keep going without rest
        • Flexability
          • The range of movement possible at the joint
        • Strength
          • The ability for muscles to exert force for a short period of time
      • Warm up/ cool down
    • Evaluating and improving
      • Being able to analyse performance in physical activity and identify the strengths and weaknesses
        • Also involves making decisions about how to improve your own and others performances and acting upon these decisions
      • Characteristics of a skillful movement
        • Efficiency              The performer wastes little or no energy during movement
          • A basketball player will not make unnecessary movement when dribbling the ball up court
        • Aesthetic       The skill being performed looks good
          • An athlete performs the high jump with a style that is effective and looks good
        • Fluent             Smooth and effortless in performance
          • The rugby player picks the ball up and passes it on in one flowing movement
        • Co-ordinated  The actions required are performed in the correct order and at the correct time
          • A footballer ca jump and do a bicycle kick successfully
        • Predetermined                  Performer knows the result of an action before actually performing the movement
          • Untitled
    • Making informed choices about healthy active lifestyle
      • Components of a healthy diet
        • -Carbs -Protein - Vitamins- minerals- fats -water - fibre
        • A healthy diet give the body the 'fuel' it needs to be able to perform to a high standard
      • Recommend amount of exercise
        • 1 hour five times a week
      • Indicators of health and well being
        • Satisfaction with aspects of life                                 How satisfied do we feel about our lives?
        • Frequency of positive and negative feelings
          • Frequency of feelings or activities which may have a positive/negative impact on well being
            • Satisfaction with aspects of life                                 How satisfied do we feel about our lives?
            • Access to green space                                            Do you have places around you that give you a sense of space
              • Positive mental health                        if you are happy and optimistic about the future you are more likely to have positive mental health
          • Level of participation in other activities                             Those who are active in many different ways are often the happiest


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