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      • peasant with a lack of education which stopped him becoming a monk
      • believed redemption could be achieved through sin, particularly sex, thanks to the Khylsty
      • gained notice for his preaching
      • introduced to Romanovs to help heal Alexis 1905
      • gained power and prestige through the relationship he had with Alexandria
      • influenced the hiring and firing of ministers
      • murdered 1916
      • russian politician, chairman of state duma and one of the leaders of the 1917 revolution
      • monarchist
      • despised Rasputin
      • influential in convincing Nicholas to abdicate
    • STALIN
      • peasant
      • attracted to Social Democratic movement 1898
      • supported Bolsheviks after split
      • editor of Pravda 1917
      • minor role in october revolution
      • commissar for Nationalities
      • youngest ever govenor
      • first to use police methods to quash disturbances in his province
      • PM in July 1906 due to tsar's recognition of his law enforcement
      • new court system
      • carried through land reform
      • muzzled the duma's
      • health and education reforms
      • suggested that he is responsible for staving off the threat to the monarchy
      • assassinated 1911
      • rejected university education and devoted himself to politics
      • remained mutual after the Social Democrat's splt
      • founded a soviet in St Petersburg
      • returned from the USA in May 1917 to work with Lenin & win over the masses
      • Bolshevik and chairman of Petrograd soviet in Juloy 1917
      • brains behind bolshevik takeover
      • disliked by collegues
      • asassinated by Stalin 1940
      • finance minister 1887-1892
      • strove to improve russian finances
      • built up russias gold reserves
      • increased indirect taxes & tried to swell grain exports
      • by increasing tariffs, he reduced imports & therefore protected Russian goods from outside competition
      • dismissed after 1981 famine
      • minister of finance 1882-1903
      • able and forward thinking yet controversial
      • wrote October Manifesto 1905
      • Russia's first PM 1905 but was forced to resign after 6 months
      • joined social democrats 1901
      • member of central committee 1907-1927
      • supported Kamenev against October revolution, despite being close to Leniin
      • wanted to work with other socialist groups
      • head of petrograd soviet


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