Key issues affecting Italy from 1918-1920.

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  • Key Issues affecting Italy from 1918-1920
    • Occupation of the Fiume (September 1919)
      • Showed that power could be won by force.  Paved the way for others.
      • Gave widespread support for extremism, showed their strength.
      • Had to be put down by the Italian Navy and army showing th
      • D'Annunzio seen as a very prominent figure, undermining liberal democracy.
      • Mreant many people understood the power of asertive nationalism.
    • 'Mutilated Victory'
      • Soldiers though their fighting was in vain.
      • Failed to gain all the Irredente lands.
      • Liberals failed to give the peasants the land they had been promised by going to war.
      • Betrayed the right to be a world power.
      • Orlando withdrew from the Versailles conference as he couldn't get what he wanted.  Meant less colonies gained.
    • Economic Crisis
      • Caused resentment among middle classes as they lost their savings.
      • Continuous strikes and violence, over 1,600 strikes in 1919.
      • Biennio Rosso where Italy faced as the socialists and communists cause unrest.
      • Millions of soldiers trying to get jobs, two million unemployed.
      • Thousands of socialists and communists took over factories and areas, raised communist and socialist flags.
    • Elite and Middle Class
      • Dissatisfied with the economic crises and how it affected them, the middle class had their savings wiped out.
      • Dissapointed at the loss of their power and authority.
      • Resented the poor still gaining benefits at their expense.
      • Power withering to the working class.
    • Political Developments
      • The PSI and PPI were becoming exceptionally popular, more so than the liberals.
      • Universal male suffrage.
      • The Popolari, PPI formed.
      • Fasci dio Combattimento formed by Mussolini.  March 1919.
        • Continuous fascists violence across Italy.
      • Introduction of universal male suffrage and proportional representation.


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