Key Influences

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  • Key Influences
    • Culture
      • This is how the society you live in effects the sports you participate i
      • In our society boys are likely to play football whereas girls are more likely to dance
    • Health and well-being
      • This is how your health affects the sport you participate in
      • For example someone in a wheelchair participates in sports like wheelchair basketball
    • Image
      • This is how things like the media effect the sports you participate in
      • For example if you start football because you are inspired by David Beckham
    • Resources
      • This is how what you have around you effects what sports you participate in
      • If you live near the sea you are more likely to do rowing then someone who lives in the city centre
    • People
      • This is how the people around you influence your participation
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    • Socio- economic
      • This is how money effects when and what sport you participate in
      • This is why people with more money can complete sports like horse riding


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