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  • Key events and consequencesof 1905 Revolution
    • Key events
      • Bloody Sunday massacre sparked strikes
      • Peasant uprisings
      • July 1905-first meeting of All-Russian Peasants Union
        • Demanded more political freedom and transfer more land to peasants
    • St Petersburg Soviet
      • Assembly of workers-represented 96 factories
      • Mensheviks and Bolsheviks took part
      • Showed workers could organise themselves
      • Ended up being closed down by Tsarist troops
    • Consequences and Tsar's response
      • Witte managed to push an October Manifesto
        • Accepted establishment of Duma
        • Include various political reforms
      • Russian Liberals saw this as final piece of political reform
      • Kadets saw this as the beginning of political reform
      • Tsar able to re-establish his power again
    • Weaknesses within the opposition
      • Opposition were divided and poorly organised
      • Opposition leader arrested and people deprived of a leader
      • All had different political aims
      • October Manifesto further increased the aims


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