B451 - key concepts

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  • Key Concepts
    • Competence
      • the relationship between skill the application of skills, tactics and compositional ideas and the readiness of mind and body to cope with PA
      • in hockey you need to learn how to stop and hit the ball effectively.
    • Performance
      • Using physical competence and knowledge and understanding to produce effective outcomes when participating in PA
      • if you are in a school netball team then you would probably be able to run fast over a short distance and change direction well.
    • Creativity
      • exploring and experimenting with techniques and compositional ideas to produce effective and efficient   outcomes
      • You might try different techniques in the long jump.
    • Healthy, active lifestyle
      • understanding the positive contribution that regular, fit for purpose physical activity makes to the physical and metal health of an individual.
      • if you participate regularly in a team sport like volleyball you are more likely to be healthy.


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