kerala's population policy

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  • kerala's population policy
    • improving education
      • teaching children so they can make their own buisness
    • adult literacy classes
      • improving the literacy of the people so they can get better jobs
    • benifits of smaller familys
      • children are not needed for work as much anymore so have less
    • reducing infant mortality
      • less babies die so less babies need to be born
    • vaccinations
      • improve the health of children so less children need to be born
    • free contraceptive
      • encourage birth control
    • higher marriage age
      • they dont need to get married younge
    • maternity leave for first 2 babies
      • encourages people to have no more than 2 babies
    • retirement benifits
      • benifits for familys who have 2 children
    • land reform
      • give familys  with 2 children or less land to build a house


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