A non birth control population policy- Kerala, India

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  • Kerala, India
    • Policy
      • improve education standards and treat boys and girl equally
      • adult literacy classes provided
      • couples educated on benefits of smaller families
      • infant mortality reduced
      • child health care improved through vaccination programmes
      • free contraception and advice
      • higher age of marriage encouraged
      • maternity leave for first two weeks only
      • extra retirement benefits for smaller families
      • land reform programme introduced to give land to poorer people
    • Success?
      • most dramatic decrease in birth rates in India
      • population density 3 time higher than Indian average
      • growth rate India's slowest
      • stage 4 of the DTM
      • GDP is high for India
      • more girls go to uni than boys
      • land in Kerala distributed so no one landless. Larger families at a disadvantage
      • literacy programme organise reading and writing classes and most villages have free libraries


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