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  • Kennel and Cattery
    • The Boarding Establishments Act 1963
      • This act states that all kennels and catteries must have a license from the local council in order for them to open.
    • Reccommendations
      • 5 Animal Needs
        • The need for a suitable environment
        • The need for a suitable diet
        • The need to be able to exhibit normal behavioural patterns
        • Any need to be housed with or apart form other animals met.
        • The need to be free from pain, suffering, injury and disease.
      • Animals should be kept in suitable accommodation for their size
      • Accommodations should be secure
      • Temperature, ventilation and lighting should be regulated.
      • The animals should be supplied with adequate amounts of food and water for their size and breed.
      • hygiene control and disease prevention methods should be used at all times.
      • Quarantine for ill animals should be provided to prevent the spread of infection and disease.
      • Staff should visit the animals at regular intervals to ensure that they are all ok
      • The management of the animals and facility should be suitable for the animals that are being cared for and consistent between all members of staff.
      • Suitable emergency procedures should be in place and followed in the event of an emergency
    • Construction
      • Durable
      • Easily cleaned
      • concrete
      • smooth edges
      • nothing sticking out
      • solid
      • secure/strong
      • escape proof
      • wood should not be treated with toxins
      • Windows
        • Natural Light
        • Ventilation
      • Outdoor Runs
        • Grass
        • Concrete
        • Path
        • Tarmac
      • Walls
        • Minimum height of 4ft
        • Insulation


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