Kennedy and the New Frontier

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    • Aims
      • to unite and inspire the American people to get behind him
      • reform and change the US to make it a fairer society by giving equal rights to Black Americans
      • wanted Americans to join him in being 'New Frontiersmen
    • Objectives
      • CIVIL RIGHTS- give black Americans equal rights
      • THE ECONOMY- introduce general tax cut, increase economy growth, decrease unemployment and set up projects, eg new jobs
      • SOCIAL REFORM- increase minimum wage, set up cheap state health insure, Housing Act 1961(gave cheap loans) and Social Security Act 1926(provided benefits)
    • Opposition
      • Presidential position wasn't strong enough
      • Some believed he was too young
      • suspicion around the radical nature of 'New Frontier'
      • 1st Catholic president
      • Some people didn't want black Americans to have equal rights


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