Key Features of Kenilworth

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  • Kenilworth - Key Features
    • Lantern windows in Leicester's building
      • First of their kind
      • Became part of high style in 1580s and 90s
      • Incredibly expensive
    • Elizabethan Garden
      • Created for Elizabeth's long stay in 1575
      • For Elizabeth's use only, part of attempt to marry her
      • Contained features that reminded of Dudley's suitability as a husband.
      • Model for many other gardens to follow
    • The Great Hall
      • Modelled on Windsor Castle in the 1530s. Showcased wealth and status
      • Widest roofed space in England at the time, except for Westminster hall in London
      • Said to be the "finest sweep of semi-royal apartments of the later middle ages to survive in Britain"
    • The Mere
      • Made castle practically impregnable from one side
      • Meant castle could have a minor garrison
    • King John's fortifications
      • Had towers, buttresses, a portcullis and thickr walls
      • Meant castle was very difficult to overpower


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