Kenilworth Castle Function

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  • Kenilworth Castle's Function Over Time
    • 1100s-1300s
      • 1120s- Geoffrey de Clinton built the first castle at Kenilworth
        • Henry I had the power to grant noblemen land to demonstrate his wealth and status
        • Clever location made it ideal for defence- difficult for attackers to undermine or climb up, natural water defences
        • Situated on major medieval routes to London and Coventry- admin and tax, passing trade
        • Counter Earl of Warwick's influence in the region who had Warwick Castle
      • 1173- Royal Castle
        • Kenilworthwas so powerful and strategically important that Henry II took it as a royal castle
        • Given to Simon de Montfort who turned out to be a rebel baron
        • Great Siege of 1266- not possible to undermined to water defences so barons finally surrendered due to starvation
        • Six months- longest siege in English history
      • 1361- Palatial Castle
        • Passed to John of Gaunt who became Duke of Lancaster-most powerful man in England after the king and had connections to the English and Castilian royal family
        • Role of castles changing in the 14th century- expansion of nobles meant existing nobles took a greater interest in being seen at a high status
        • Gaunt modernised kitchens so they were easily adjoined to Great Hall so food would be served hot in banquets
        • Hub for rich and powerful men in England so Gaunt would be central to all business
        • Lavish Great Hall with well-lit oriels and impressive floor to ceiling windows
        • Kenilworthwas no longer needed for battle
        • Sophistication of the architecture embodies Gaunr's princely status and regal aspirations
    • 1500s
      • Elizabeth I gave the castle to Dudley,who was her favourite
      • Dudley made extensive alterations to the keep, built Leicester's Gatehouse and Leicester's building
      • Elizabeth visited Kenilworth for 17 days in 1575 with great pageants and royal entertainment in order for Dudley to 'woo' her
      • Dudley built the Elizabeth privy garden with fashionable views inspiredby Europe
    • 1600s-Civil War
      • After Dudley died, the castle returned to royal control and remained a royal palace
      • Kenilworth was abandoned by royalists in early 1642 and garrisoned by parliament for the rest of the war
      • Kenilworth was taken by the Palimentarian Amy in the first month of the Civil War
      • In 1649, Kenilworth was no longer receiving substantial action and Parliament did not want the cost of maintaining a garrison
      • Regimeorderedthe castle to be made 'untenable' so the north wall of the keep was destroyed and the outer curtain wall breached
    • 1700s-19
      • Visiting the ruins became fashionable after the publication of Sir Walter Scott's novel Kenilworth in 1821
      • Farm
        • After Kenilworth was slightedit became Castle Farm by Hawkesworth
      • In the 20th century the castle became a full-time tourist attraction
    • 1400s
      • Hernry VIII picked Kenilworth as one of four royal castles to keep in good repair
      • Henry V ordered the buildingthe Pleasance as a retreat- pleasure gardens and royal apartment on the other end of the mere
        • Was a place for the king to be isolated from normal duties and enjoy the beautiful views


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