Keith Douglas Context

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  • Keith Douglas
    • Childhood
      • Mother was terminally ill
      • parents divorced, father stayed in Wales for work
      • Douglas was hurt that his father made no effort to communicate
      • Lonely childhood
      • Lots of time for imagination
    • Poetry
      • Best known for describing his experience in North Africa
      • Considered war the most relevant topic of the time
      • Three stages of poems ; teenager, Oxford and war
      • Grim, jarring tone to reflect horros of war
      • Changed from emotive language to juxtaposition during war
    • Military service
      • Fought in WW2
      • Palestine, Cairo, North Africa and Normandy
      • Took part in the D-Day attaacks at Normandy
      • Died in action during D-Day attacks
    • Vergissmeinicht
      • Displays the horrors of WW2
      • He was a tank commander in North Africa


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