Keir Hardie

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  • Keir Hardie
    • Background
      • Born in 1856 in Lanarkshire - lived in grinding poverty
      • At the age of 11 he begun working 12 hour shifts at Lanarkshire Coalfields
      • Never went to school but taught himself how to read and write
    • In Parliament
      • Elected as Labours leader in 1906 but resigned in 1908
      • Created public scandals and was more interested in publicity than success
      • Campaigned FOR female suffrage as he thought this was a 'stepping stone to universal suffrage'
    • War
      • Campaigned for a European General Strike if war was declared
        • Backfired as he was howled down in his own constituency
      • The strain was too much and he died in 1915
    • Liberals
      • Referred to Lib-Labs as 'dumb dogs that dare not bark'
      • Hardie looked towards the Liberals for political representation


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