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  • Keeping Healthy
    • Diet and exercise
      • Right balance of food types
        • Carbs, fats and protein are used by the body to release energy and build cells.
        • Mineral ions  and vitamins are needed to keep the body healthy.
      • If you exercise more energy is used by the body.
        • Exercise increases your metabolic rate which means that your chemical reactions in your body work fater
          • Metabolic Rate
    • Weight problems
      • too fat
        • arthiritis
        • diabetes
        • high blood pressure
        • heart problems
          • too thin
            • Reduced resistance of infection
            • Infertility
            • irregular periods
            • liver swelling
        • blindness
      • too thin
        • Reduced resistance of infection
        • Infertility
        • irregular periods
        • liver swelling
    • inheritance, exercise, health
      • You inherit
        • appearance
        • Health
        • Metabolic Rate
        • Cholesterol
    • Pathogens and disease
    • Defence mechanisms
      • External
        • Skin
          • if you cut your skin a blood clot is quickly formed
        • ears
          • wax
      • Internal
        • mucus and stomach acid
        • WBC
          • White blood cells can ingest pathogens
          • produce antibodies to destroy particular pathogens
          • Produce antitoxins to cancel out toxins produced by pathogens
    • Using Drugs to treat disease
      • Antibiotics kill infective bacteria in the body
        • penicillin is an antibiotic it was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928
      • Viruses are difficult to kill because they reproduce inside the body cells
      • painkillers and other drugs relieve symptoms but do not kill the epatj
    • Changing pathogens
      • Some pathogens can mutate
        • Especially viruses
        • Very few people are immune to these mutations
          • The mutated disease spreads quickly
      • MRSA
        • methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus
        • bacterium that has evolved to be resistant to antibiotics
    • Immunity
      • Vaccine
        • Dead or inactive forms of a pathogen
          • wbc react by producing antibodies
            • wbc remember the antibodies needed making you immune
    • How do we deal with disease
      • most people in the population need to be vaccinated
      • adv. disadv. of vaccines
        • adv.
          • protects society or personal against serious diseases
          • prevent deaths
        • dis
          • may cause side effects


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