Keeping Healthy

What you need to know about keeping healthy

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  • Keeping Healthy
    • Nutrients
      • Carbohydrates
        • Provides energy for muscles, nerves and brain
        • Found in bread, cereal and potatoes
      • Proteins
        • Builds and repairs cells, fights infection and strengthens
        • Found in fish, meat, milk, nuts and beans
      • Fats
        • Provides energy, makes cell membranes and helps digestion
        • Found in walnuts, seeds and oils
      • Vitamins
        • Used for growth and health, facilitate and regulate body processes
        • Citrus, strawberries and peppers
      • Minerals
        • Builds bones, teeth, blood, helps the body use energy. Makes body chemicals
        • Found in bananas, potatoes and low fat cheese
      • Water
        • Transports oxygen and other nutrients to cells, carries waste away, aids in digestion and keeps you hydrated
      • Fibre
        • Keeps the bowels and digestive system working well
        • Found in wholemeal bread and porridge
    • The right amount
      • Too much food leads to..
        • heart and joint problems
        • type 2 diabetes
        • obesity
        • high cholesterol (as you have too much saturated fat)
          • Cholesterol helps healthy cell growth and the production of hormones. LDLs are the bad cholesterol
      • Too little food leads to..
        • deficiency diseases (lack or particular vitamins and minerals)
        • malnourishment which leads to becoming underweight
    • BMI
      • Weight (kg) / height (m squared)
    • Metabolic Rate
      • the rate at which all the chemical reactions in the cells of the body are carried out
      • Can be affected by..
        • job
        • muscle mass
        • age
        • diet
        • inherited factors


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