Biology: Keeping Healthy

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  • keeping Healthy
    • Balance Diet
      • Carborhydrates: Potatoes
      • Fat: chocolate, crisps , chips
      • Protein: Meat,fish, beans
      • Sugar: Pop, sweets, sauses
      • Veg: carrot, tomato, peas
      • Fruit: Apple, Banana
      • Dairy: milk , cheese , cream
    • diabetes
      • Type 1
        • Unbeatable, uncurable. sometimes born with it
      • Type 2
        • Obese people. High blood sugars
    • Cholesterol
      • Bad Cholesterol
        • Leads to heart desease
        • Foods rich in fat increase blood levels
      • Good Cholesterol
        • Cell mambrane and makes vital substances.
    • Pathogens
      • Microorganisms that cause infectious desease.
      • Bacteria OR virus
      • Produce toxins that damage cells when reproduced
      • Non pathogens (safe) bacteria can be used in labatories
        • Growing Cultures: spread bacteria on a plate of agar and leave in an incubator at 25*c (at school) and 35*c ( in labatory.
      • Can mutate
    • White Blood Cells (WBC)
      • Part of the immune system
      • Injest Pathogens (Destroy)
        • Produces antibodies (helps destroy
          • Produces antitoxins (Poisons the pathogen
      • Antibiotics kill infectious bacteria (cannot destroy virus)
    • Vaccination.
      • can make someone immune to an antigen. the antibody will recognise it.
      • Small amount of dead or inactive pathogens are injected into the body
        • The antigens in the vaccine stimulates the white blood cell into making antibodies. the antibodie destroy the antigen
          • You are now immune to future injections by the pathogen


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