keeping healthy

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  • keeping healthy
    • peoples health is affected by having unblanced diet
      • a unbalanced can lead to malnourished
        • malnourished can lead to a person being fat or thin or unhealthy in other ways
    • obesity
      • excess carbohydrates and fat in diet can lead to obesity
      • health problems can arises from obesity such as arthritis type 2 diabetes  and heart diesase high blood pressure
      • obesity can be caused by hormonal problems
    • other health problems
      • too much saturated fat can lead to health problems
      • too much salt can cause high blood pressure and hear problems
    • eating to little
      • people in developing countries suffer from lack of food
      • the effect of malnutrition depends on what food is missing problems caused often in children involve small growth
      • deficiency diseases are often caused by lack of vitamins and mineral for example scurvy that causes problem in skin joints and gums
    • ecxerise
      • exercise is as important as having a balanced diet people who excerise more are regularly fitter
      • excerise increases  the amount of energy the body uses and decreases the amount stored as fat
      • exercising builds muscles however sometimes a person can be fit but unhealthy and malnourished cause  there diet inst balanced
    • diet
      • Carbs-energy Fat-Keep warm and energy Protein-Growth,cell repair and replacement Fibre-Keep your digestion system moving Vitamins and minerals-keep body healthy


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